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Windows, Linux, Mac

Jasper's Journeys

Save your beloved cat from Magetha, the crazy-as Witch. With the help of your friendly blue dragon, explore sprawling lands filled with castles, dungeons and secret chambers. The levels aren't straight left-to-right like many platformers, so put your adventuring boots on and go!


"Jasper's Journeys is a game of playful exploration and platforming timing and reflex action. A great treat for fans of classic side-scrolling
games, but an excellent title anyone will enjoy."
- Jay is Games 4.6/5 (average from 41 votes)

"What an original electrifying game this is" -
9/10  Review Stream

"This game has a great vibe (charming in fact)" - Binary Joy

"A platformer that’s certainly a pleasant slice of nostalgia" - Now Gamer